The smell of cinnamon rolls and bagels wafts up the mountain as the girls run down (recharged after an extra hour of Sunday sleep, with the bugle going off at 8:00am instead of 7:00am!) for their first Sunday breakfast. Sundays are special for many reasons here at Merri-Mac. It means rest and worshipping the Lord. For example, every song we sing in the dining hall on Sundays are Christian songs, making every aspect of the meal fun and special.
After breakfast, we strolled over with full bellies and happy hearts to sing in chapel and watch our friends lead. In Lower Camp chapel, Milky Way cabin replayed the story of David and the lions, reminding us of God’s goodness and power. Cloud 9 acted out the story of Rachel and Issac for Upper Camp. Some of our favorite songs, “The Banana Song,” “Light the Fire,” and “Oceans” rang through the mountains as the girls sang out their hearts in our chapel by the shining lake.
After chores, cabins commenced their fun (but separate!) activities for the morning! While the Black Bear and Blue Heron neighborhoods took cabin photos and enjoyed the North Carolina sunshine, Golden Eagle (best neighborhood!) cabins had the beloved free swim with all cabins taking turns at the famous blob, bouncy diving board, and special slide. Many girls rode the Merri-Mac waterslide for the first time, screaming on the way down but coming out of the water with wide smiles and belly laughs at the fun they just had. While lower camp took pictures and hung out at the lake, Cloud 9 enjoyed the thrill of the classic Merri-Mac slip n slide, Comet played four square at Pippin Hill, and two cabins played each other in kickball at the archery range: Blue Heaven and Rainbow. Soon after, Sunnyside and Dreams End played kickball while Tweedle Doe/Dot slipped down the slip n slide and Tweedle Dum played four square.
After a morning full of fun, girls rushed to the Tucker Inn for a beloved Merri-Mac traditional Sunday lunch. Second lunch barely stopped singing between relishing bites of the delicious fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, and gravy. The Neighborhood bar even had a scrumptious chicken tortilla soup option to top it off and keep everyone thoroughly excited about lunch. A full hour (!!) of needed rest came to follow lunch as rain fell and soothed campers to silence and rest. Girls were excited to write letters, nap, and read in their extra half hour of rest time.
The storm passed just in time to start up the afternoon with more fun and games. The remaining cabins took photos on the back green with Virginia H. and Tyler K., our fun photographers, while Happy Hollow splashed into the afternoon on the slip n slide, Jiggity Jog and Jiggity Jig competed in kickball at the Archery Range, Up Yonder threw it back with four square at Pippin Hill, and Blue Heron cabins had their turn at free swim with a slippery watermelon toss added for an extra pop of fun.
While cabins were spread across many different fun activities at camp, some campers and some cabins explored the mountains of North Carolina past the Merri-Mac signs. Milky Way cabin hiked Lookout for a gorgeous view while The Robin, Stardust, and Comet took turns going to the Boyds friendly pink house to swim in the pool. One climbing trip went to Little Lost Cove for an exciting day of climbing and rappelling. Included in this trip was Olivia B., Spencer C., Bradley M., Margaret J., Lillian S., and Caroline K.
Cabins were welcomed home from trips and activities to pizza delivered to their porches with caesar salad, chips, and watermelon. After enjoying porch picnics, both lower camp and upper camp gathered (one after the other) for Vespers, a night full of fun songs and “Larry Potter” skits along with a camp favorite worship song, “Reckless Love,” and a true story from Adam Boyd that reminded us of God’s unconditional love for each and every one of us. For lower camp, the night was ended with Moana in the Tucker Inn with our cabins. After a fun-filled day, I feel confident the girls can fall fast asleep as Taps plays for them and God uses the mountains to protect us all from danger.
This day has been so special to be a part of in every respect because there were so many different events happening as cabins and not one ceased to be fun. Sunday has become not only a rest day, but, with it being more structured and cabin-centric this year, it also has become a cabin-bonding day where campers get to spend quality time with their closest friends, their camp family, all day as they go on multiple adventures together and also have time to recharge and enjoy some good grub.
Grace and Peace,

Molly Kerr
8th summer
Happy Hollow counselor
Go Seminoles!!