IMAGE CAPTION – The newest Timberlake camper!

Camp Receives It’s Earliest Early Enrollment!

William Singletary, all 6 lbs 1 oz of him, arrived on September 28th to claim his Timberlake early enrollment gift for the 2014 season. The Timberlake director, Will’s father, was admittedly caught flat-footed, noting that he does not usually have gifts on hand quite so early. Dan later recovered saying that only returning campers are eligible for the early enrollment and he was not sure his boy was ready for his first pocket knife yet anyway. Seriously, there are a lot of exciting things happening at camp these days, but William’s arrival trumps them all!

From the Staff:

Maggie T. writes, “So this semester is jam packed! Between going to class, going to my high school where I will student teach, bcm, and tutoring..there isn’t that much time left! But even though its a lot of work I’m lovin’ it. I do miss camp A LOT! I miss the girls, but I miss just being at camp, the actual place. Being outside, in the’s good for your soul! I hope all is well. I’m excited to hear about this new building project…I’m waiting in eager suspense!”

Becca S. writes, “Hi Ya’ll! Man do I miss camp so much right now, so I figured I’d drop you a line and see how everything was holding up heading into fall. Life in the ATL is pretty sweet. I have a lot of hard work for my classes this year, so it’s been demanding. But I also nailed an amazing part (lead understudy in Alice in Wonderland) for the fall play. So Everything is amazing minus not being at camp. Ah, I love you, and I can’t wait for the new smokesignals! I would also like to clear up some of the confusion on the message boards…Seminoles are going to win the banner this year. That is a fact. I hope everyone is well (hi Adam, hi Ann!)” Hey to you, Becca!

Ann M. writes, “Dear Merri-Mac, thank you for letting me work for you over the summer! It’s sort of a belated thank you, but I hope it will suffice. I also hope all the directors and other Merri-Mac superheroes are getting crunk and being all-around super, and that the general activities at camp are going fabulously! Much love, all-year staff. Anyhow, being a senior in high school rocks, but not as much as being an Iroquois. I’m getting ready for the world qualifiers in dance and writing application essays left and right. I have crazy multi-tasking abilities I never knew of. It’s busy, so I’m enjoying myself muchly. Oh, and the house has never been cleaner. Happy Wednesday, as always.”

From the campers:

Victoria R. writes, “Well, High school started so early, August 8th. I’m on homecoming committee and prom committee. I’m also in the Interact club. Basically the name says it all. We do different community service items in the community. Our homecoming theme is “A whole new world.” You know, from Alladin. Prom is 007. For the homecoming game me and a few of my close friends are going to get all painted up with our colors, garnet and gold. They are also the Seminole’s colors. I truly don’t like FSU. I love you all and I hope to see you all this summer.

Gaby M. writes, “Hi, I will probably go next summer to camp and I just wanted to imform you. Bye!”

Kristy P. writes, “Hey y’all!! Holy cow, I miss camp like whoa!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their school year, and hopefully I will get to see y’all next summer!!!!! GO IROQUOIS!!!!”

Happy Camping!

Adam and Ann