Why Merri-Mac?

There is something special about a Merri-Mac girl. New friends, discovered talents and a sense of adventure mark our girls as they become part of the camp community. Girls have been returning to Merri-Mac since 1945 because a great camp is always a place where girls grow through friends and adventure.

Come to a Merri-Mac evening activity and you will see 16 year olds and 8 year olds playing together and having fun! What you will not see is one or two campers hanging back in the wings, watching from a distance, because everyone is participating.

The Freedom to Fail

Nobody wants to fail, ever, but they especially do not want to fail in front of their parents, or the other sex. A single-gender camp is one of the only places that children have the freedom to try things that they do not expect to be successful in and the result is that they often discover sports they love and wonderful talents. The freedom to fail is one of the most important parts of our best successes.

We are made to live life together, and to do this in a community where we have the freedom to succeed, grow, discover what we are great at, and sometimes even fail. These are essential ingredients to a great camp.

Adam Boyd, Director
Got a brother?

Our Brother Camp Timberlake

Looking for a great boy’s camp? Check out our brother camp nearby! Camp Timberlake is also operated by the Boyd family and has the same opening and closing dates.

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