Cabin Life

Merri-Mac has twenty-five cabins, and each one is different than the others. Some are small, others are large. Some have two counselors, others have five. And every one has its own songs and traditions.

Cabin Placement

Girls are placed in cabins based on the school grade they will enter in the fall, and we make every effort to honor these requests, though most girls come to camp without knowing anyone here! It is important that you tell us any cabin friend requests when you enroll your daughter.


We often end our day with a brief cabin devotion. These will be from the Bible and Christian in content.

Cabin Cakes

We live in cabins as camp families, and every family has to clean where they live. Each morning the girls clean their cabins before they come to breakfast. Cabins are then inspected, and those with the highest scores are treated to a party in Tucker Inn with cake home made in our kitchen.


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