Available Staff Positions

Available Positions

  • Cabin Counselor
  • Nursing Staff
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Laundry Staff
  • Expedition Staff
  • Program Staff
  • Hostess
  • Counselor In Training

A Cabin Counselor

A cabin counselor lives in a cabin with their campers and 2-3 other staff, partially separated in a “counselor’s section” of the cabin. Each counselor will either lead or assist in an activity that matches their skills during the day. The main focus of a cabin counselor is to pour their lives into the lives of their campers; it is both hard and extremely rewarding work.

Maintenance Staff

Our maintenance staff do not live in a cabin and are in charge of fixing plumbing issues, trash removal, grounds keeping, building repair, etc. during the summer. These guys are revered by all for their willingness to deal with things that are usually challenging and are often heavy.

Expedition Staff

If you are looking for on the rock, on the river, on the trail program days then this is the job for you. Expedition staff are highly skilled, appropriately certified outdoor educators. A typical team member is a multi-discipline athlete and generally holds multiple certifications such as WFR, LG, LNT and SPI from groups like the AMGA, PCIA, PMBIA, ACA. Expedition staff do not live in cabins because they are on the trail most days and many nights.

Counselors in Training

As the name suggests, these are former campers who are not quite ready to be counselors, but who are being trained by a CIT director to learn what it takes to do the job. Our CIT’s can assist with our daily activities, water flowers, take out dining hall trash, pick up and return all lost and found clothing items to cabins each evening, assist with running the evening activities, and participate in a CIT Bible study that happens each week.

Length of Employment

Most cabin counselors, barn, laundry, maintenance, office, and kitchen positions are for the length of our summer operating schedule, typically late May – mid August. Counselor-In-Training (CIT) positions are for one 3 week session only, as are many nurse positions.

Staff Requirements

Each position has it’s own requirements but all cabin counselors must 18 and ordinarily have finished their first year in college. The exception is those serving as Junior Counselors. All CIT’s must be 17, out of camp, and not yet in college. Each position requires a submitted application and a formal interview.


All positions are paid positions except CIT’s. Cabin counselor/activity staff are on a payscale based on qualifications and years in camp. When training or certifications are necessary or desirable (which is frequent), camp pays for the training. Some positions, for adult staff, are available on a swap-for-camper-tuition basis. Most positions include room and board for the summer.

Time Off

Counselors get one full day off each week and one separate night out each week. Additional time off in camp is given as necessary. We make every effort to keep the staff rested and happy – we love what we do, and it shows in how we treat our staff.