IMAGE CAPTION – The colors are blazing at Merri-Mac!

After a wonderful summer Merri-Mac has settled into its fall routine. Adam is traveling in FL,

meeting new Merri-Mac campers and Dan has been busy helping with our off season rentals. Ann has

been holding down the fort in the office, and we’re all busy getting ready for next summer!

Have you guys seen any camp folks?

In FL Adam has seen Lauren P, in Gainseville, Abby and Ashlyn T., in Naples, Elizabeth S., in

Sanibel (Destyny K. also came to their meeting), Leslie L. in Naples, Olivia Z. in Tampa, Libby G.

in Coral Gables, and Lia S., in Boca Raton. Tonight he is in Del Ray Beach with Savannah S, and

from there he goes to see Mackenzie M, in Orlando and Stephanie T. in Jacksonville. There should be

lots more meetings so keep your eyes out for invitations in your mail boxes.

From the mailbag

Meg M. wrote in to say, “My volleyball season just ended, and even though we didn’t do so well

it was still fun. And I’ve been practicing my guitar and I will get my gold rainbow year! This year

my cast held me back! I miss you all so much!”

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Great Camping!

Adam and Ann