Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

We’re back on the road, seeing old campers, meeting new ones, and every day hiring back the best staff in the world. Last night Adam had a wonderful time in Columbia sharing camp with Ann Morrison B’s friends. Ann Morrison wanted to know which of her counselors were coming back so we thought we’d share the list.

Who’s Coming Back:

We’re still talking to a lot of last year’s staff but so far Anna Woodson, Ann McShane, Abby Bouchon, Camille Chaumont, Brittany Hogan, Elizabeth Beal, Grace Rickenbaker, Charlotte Flynn, Kristy Pannill, Chelsea Dougherty, Lauren Davis, Berkeley Arakawa, Sallie Guragnus, Haley Fulford, Sam Linhart, Molly Seeley, Karen Beauchene, Hillary Gibbs, Ruth Gibson, Ali Howard, Maddy Perino, Elizabeth Webb, Sarah McEllinney, Paige Porter, Ashley Herndon, Sarah Rogers, Casey Willard, Rachel Quinby, Victoria Rice, Lennon Dodson, Claire Kelly, Stephanie Nestor, Lauren Glazebrook, and Mimi Dunn have all signed up. On the central staff we have Kay Robb, Annie Singletary, Brie Owens, Patti-O, Leslie Loughran, Janie Southard, Meredith Williams, Dianna Spence, Jill Peterson, Laurie Fishel, Angie Baxter and Deb Rogers. It is a great start, but there are some important names missing so you should call your favorites and tell them you want them back at camp!

Speaking of staff, Laurie Fishel wrote to tell us “I am going to be a grandmother!!!! Baby is due May 6, so I think I will be ok to leave for my camp duties in mid July.” Also, we hear that Maddy Perino is visiting with some Merri-Mac girls over the holiday. I hope you will be able to do the same, and that you’ll let us know what you are up to so we can include it in Smoke Signals next week.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann