As Session 2A closes, lots of memories with many laughs, smiles, and tears were shared amongst campers. As the two weeks were ending, the girls were reminded of the strong friendships formed here at Merri-Mac! Each girl had tears in her eyes, but the smiles never faded, as we knew one thing…these friendships made, were true friendships. Saying goodbye is always hard, but we took comfort in the fact that we would always have each other.

Last nights evening activity was White Feather and Fine Arts Night! After dinner, the girls headed up to the Teepee to sit around the campfire for our White Feather Ceremony! Many girls were promoted last night! In Junior Camp: Kate A., Rachel H., Jarrett B., and Molly H. were promoted to the rank of Tumbleweed. Lizzie H. and Ava D. were promoted to the rank of Groundhog. In Senior Camp: Berkleigh H. Elenor P., Natalie S., Julia M., Lawton N., Sydney B., Sydney H., Gracie Rae H., Leah B., Colombe H., Laura B., Colombe H., Laura L., Olivia K., Carleigh W., Melanie G., Millie M., and Marit S. were promoted to the rank of Arrow. Alex L., Katherine O., Anna B., Courtney B., Sophia H., Taylor T., Yamille G., Alice C., and Kirstie H. were promoted to Crazy Creek. Vanessa D., Mary Laci M., Ameila G., Emma J., Becca M., Katie S., Maggie S., Anna Sutton W., Anna B., Shawn C., and Sophie H. were promoted to Long Bow. Anabel M. was promoted to Running Deer. Hamilton I., Sarah L., Sara W., and Meredith S. were promoted to Red Tail.

In Fine Arts Night many girls performed and showed off their talents! Some of our cheerleading, guitar, and dance classes perfumed! Margaret C. and Heather M. performed monologues! The chorus classes performed routines to Wicked’s “Popular” and Hairspray’s “Good Morning Baltimore”. Some of the dance routines included songs: “Angel”, “When It Don’t Come Easy”, “Jai Ho”, and “Proud Mary”! Even some girls did a fencing routine with a choreographed dance! We enjoyed each act! The girls all did a fabulous job and we are proud of each one of them!

This Morning we woke up with mixed feelings about the day to come! Although each girl was excited to see her friends and family, this meant leaving our friends behind in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!

This morning started with a breakfast of delicious Coffee Cake and Breakfast Burritos!  After breakfast, the girls headed outside to “Friendship Circle” on the back green! In this ceremony the girls all stood in a circle and held hands, singing songs which described memories, friendships, and finally goodbye! “mmhm, I want to linger… mmhm, a little longer… mmhm, a little longer here with you.” Campers and Staff alike dread singing these songs because they know that means one thing…goodbye is near! Each girl hugged her cabin-mates, and new friends, which marked the beginning of a day filled with hugs, pictures, and exchanging of addresses and phone numbers! They “lingered” on the Green as long as they could as if staying there would mean goodbye would never come.

The girls headed up to their cabins to prepare for classes, all the while listening for her name to be called to run down the hill and meet her family at the front porch!

While in classes today, Fitness went to the lake and went synchronized swimming. In Riflery, the girls played a game of Taboo with Climbing third period today! In Drama the girls played dress up and performed a skit for Victoria Y., the drama instructor. Anabel M. got her gold in canoeing!  In Archery the girls shot the targets and worked towards their bars!

For lunch today the girls ate a camp favorite meal of Chicken Nuggets and French Fries! The girls ate Cookies for dessert!

During 4th period the girls headed to Lake Dorris for a free swim filled with blobbing, diving, kayaking, and sunbathing! It was a lot of fun to have everyone swimming and sharing time together at our newly beautifully updated Lake Dorris!

The girls headed down the hill to dinner, where we ate pasta, broccoli, and bread sticks! For dessert we had another camp favorite—fudge bars!

After dinner, each girl headed up the hill to change into her swim suit and grab a towel to head back to Lake Dorris for a camp free swim! After free swim, they returned to their cabins and prepared for another great day at camp tomorrow!

To all of our parents: thank you for offering us this wonderful experience at camp! We cannot wait to tell you all about it! Every friendship and memory created here are only possible because of YOU! We love you all very much and are thinking of and praying for you always!

Although we are sad to see so many smiling faces go, we look forward to sharing another great two weeks with your daughters!

“Best Friends Forever means never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart!”

We LOVE you Merri-Mac beauties!

“And as the years go by, ill think of you inside, this is goodnight and not goodbye!”


Maddy Cristina

Stardust Camper 2003 and Counselor 2011

Cheerleading Instructor

PROUD Seminole!

Photography by Wendy Perry