Dear Parents,

Welcome to camp!  Merri-Mac started this session with a wonderful opening day.  Ann and I especially enjoyed talking with so many of our parents as you checked your girls in.

After a year of planning we officially started first session with a swim test, followed by dinner and singing.  Sunnyside did a wonderful job leading the cabin songs, but it was clear that the real tension is building for tomorrow’s first tribal cheers.  But before that happens, we had to elect our new tribal officers: (will be announced on Monday).

After dinner we went up the mountain for the our fist 2013 initiation.

The new Merri-Mac Seminoles are:

Evelyn Ritch, Ameia Davis, Grace Kennedy, Austyn DeWitt, Danyael Irish, Ella Grace Jordan, Katie Todd, Emily Moses, Leslie Eckles, Hillary Rome, Olivia Rome, Madison Kollar, Elise Overlin, Jenna Fairbrother, Julia Grace Keith, Claire Johnson, Vivian Ralton, Elizabeth Custer, Isabella Lough, Abigail Atchley, Ainsley Hillman, Anna Cochran, Sydney Merrill, Ryan Catherine Healy, Sophia Van Derveer, Ellie Frist, Sarah Millinor, Hannah Keane, Olivia Greer, Scottie Black, Lizzy Ralton, Lillian Hardee, Katie Wellborn, Natalie Custer, and Catie Nelson.

The new Merri-Mac Iroquois are:

Carson Canale, Kathleen Baldwin, Eliza Davis, Madison Curtin, Julianna Allen, Lexie Whiting, Hastings Witt, Audrey Craig, Helen Connor, Reese Ritchie, Ellie Homyak, Salem Hefner, Lindsay Weidenfeller, Merrie Katherine Allen, Sarah Fridley, Alice Connor, Grace Cate, Reese Aleexih, Anna Olliff, Sarah Stephens, Kayleigh Golden, Bella Hackett, Lauren Miller, Leah Cate Bowman, Catherine Cheedle, Victoria Kirby, Carrietta Classen, Annabel Smith, and Molly Palumbo.

The new Merri-Mac Choctaws are:

Ferrell Wilson, Kaydon Ingle, Lucy Loflin, Sarah Leonard, Gabriella Whitmire, Olivia Smith, Kate Schrecker, Jillian Lanzone, Holly Pashley, Miranda Prado, Isabel Graham Dent, Prentice Atterbury, Irely Ingle, Lauren Brannan, Amanda Chacon, Greysen Sillies, Isabella Prado, Madison Weaver, Maria Salume, Natalie Salume, Shelby Orton, Madison Newberry, Emma Dasher, Taylor Edrington, Grace Edrington, Kendall Gazaway, Audrey Holton, Eleanor Scott, Sophie Bellavia, Bianca Bellavia, Anna Calloway, Ella Lavelle, Sammie Osley, Bailie Schock, Madison Brown, Cami Salume, Libby Mynatt, Olivia Bledsoe, Brynnae Rhinehart, and Julia Gass.

Later several cabins were seen sneaking out with their staff for their own special cabin initiations.  Lots of girls becoming Merri-Mac insiders tonight.

I wanted to end by thanking you again for sharing your daughters with us; we have a great group of girls.  We also have some very exciting days lined up and we’ll keep you posted each day.

                                                                  Great Camping!

                                                                  Adam Boyd