It was a sunny morning in Black Mountain as counselors excitedly awaited their new campers. 1F and 1D campers enjoyed a tasty breakfast of French toast, grits, and sausage before rushing to their cabins to prepare for the arrival of their new friends. Campers in cooking class enjoyed the morning out of camp by heading to the Black Mountain Farmers’ Market to buy fresh produce for class.

Campers and their families began showing up bright and early, excided to start a new summer adventure. Checking in at The Mike, each camper discovered which cabin they will create memories in. After campers perused the newest camp styles, they rushed up to their cabins and excitedly unpacked all their belongings. After helping move their daughters in, parents enjoyed a delicious lunch and headed home with heartfelt goodbyes.

Campers and counselors played games to break the ice and make way for new friendships. The dinner bell rang and everyone ran down to enjoy chicken tacos in our beautiful new Tucker Inn. Cabins had fun singing their cabin songs before filing up to the Council ring for Initiation.

At Camp Merri-Mac, the tribes are the campers’ families. They are the best way for new girls, whom we call “Pale-faces” to become true Merri-Mac girls. The tribes are the Choctaw, whose colors are red and gray, the Iroquois, whose colors are black and white, and the Seminoles, whose colors are blue and gold. The tribes are led by the oldest campers and help girls form friendships from all ages of camp.

These are the brand new members of the tribes:

Choctaw: Carolyn N., Alice A., Mackenzie P., Margaret D., Martha P., Lauren B., Katherine L., Marrill H., Madeline N., Olivia O., Lauren J.

Iroquois: Elizabetie H., Georgie W., Zofia C., Lucie D., Marin G., Kylie Brooke T., Kelly Anne T., Kimberly C., Lucy D., Angelique M., Mary Emily M., Ella M., Katheryn N.

Seminole: Alexandra F., Elizabeth H., Margaret H., Sarah W., Aubrey W., Brittin B., Elizabeth R., Katherine H., Mary A., Mariah H.


The new initiates filed down the mountain top join their brand new tribes for their first ever tribe meetings. There, they met their tribal leaders, learned their tribal chants, and became more accustomed to the traditions at camp. When their tribe meetings ended, the girls headed back to their cabins to get ready for bed. As Taps sounded, the girls crawled into their cozy bunks, excited to start their activities tomorrow morning.

As former campers, we understand how difficult it can be to be away from your daughters for weeks at a time, but we are so thankful that you have granted them this opportunity and shared them with us. Our camp memories are the best of our lives and we can’t wait to join your daughters in making some of their own.

With love and blessings,

The CITs