One of the best parts of Camp Merri-Mac is the ability of the staff and campers to still have a wonderful day, regardless of the weather! This was tested this morning as the girls were greeted by a dark sky and rain. The campers didn’t let this damp beginning hold them back from enjoying one another as they laughed and ran around the back porch, waiting for breakfast to begin. With the welcome sight of French toast in Tucker Inn, the day couldn’t be anything short of marvelous! The girls’ light and fun attitudes were encouraged by the new addition to the Merri-Mac theme days, “Try Wizard Tuesday.” Big Dipper counselor, Merit S., encouraged more smiles to appear this morning as she walked around camp wearing a Harry Potter wizard robe and greeted everyone, counselors and campers alike with, “Try Wizard Tuesday! I hope you have had a magical morning!” After this hilarious beginning, the girls yelled and cheered their way through their favorite silly morning songs and headed off to chapel before they were dismissed to their various activities.

With the nearness of the next White Feather ceremony approaching, the campers were furiously working towards achieving the next bar in their activities. The volleyball instructor, Lindsey K., tested the campers’ volleyball skills with several exciting matches where the girls pitted their ability to serve and “BUMP, SET SPIKE!” against their fellow campers. To finish up the class, the girls worked towards completing their bars. Creativity reigned across the road in Knitting, Cooking, and Pottery! Cooking made yet another delicious meal of Christmas pasta, which quickly disappeared. The Pottery instructors encouraged their campers to design their ideal piece of pottery on paper, setting the girls on a creative quest to see who could create the most interesting piece. Some of the older girls learned how to “throw” the pottery, getting closer to that wonderful work of art. Tucked in the woods, Camp Craft campers demonstrated their knowledge of belay commands and faced their fear of heights by challenging themselves on the high ropes course! Passing by the Camp Craft area, the Fitness instructor, Kate A., and her campers smiled while tackling the steep hills around camp to improve their fitness ability! Following the track left by the Fitness class, you’ll pass by the campers improving their swimming, kayaking, and canoeing skills in Lake Doris. Each class instructor encouraged their girls to complete their new skills, regardless of the bar requirements, and were rewarded with many successful campers! The girls in Diving continued to earn their bars, testing out new dives and jumps. Kayaking, in particular, worked on perfecting the Hip Snap skill and then applied this skill in “T” rescues. At the top of the hill in the Mike, campers in both Gymnastics and Climbing worked feverishly at finishing their bars in the various events and skills in these activities. The girls in Gymnastics worked on perfecting many skills, a few being, the pull over on the Bars event, bridges and turn jumps on Floor, and various challenging jumps on Trampoline. In the same building, Climbing instructors continued to teach their campers in the correct way to belay their climbing partners and to tackle their fear of heights on the climbing wall and traverse wall.

On any given day at Merri-Mac, there is always fierce competition amongst the tribes and within the girls themselves to be the very best camper and young woman. At the close of every day, this competition swells and drives the campers to cheer on each other and their tribe. However, there are a few very special days when the girls do not cheer for their tribe at all. On these days the girls come together as a single group completely in love with this camp. Tonight is one of these….

Merry Christmas-Eve, girls! We treasure every single day that we can have with you. Watching you grow every day into the young women you are called to be is a joy to see.

Bethany M.

Moon Mist Counselor and Chorus Instructor