Today was the best kind of Merri-Mac Monday, a sunny one! It was perfect weather for staff appreciation day, where the younger girls spent the day enjoying the sunshine in all of their activities and the older girls had the opportunity to act as counselors and guide them through.

The campers were delighted to wake up to their favorite Sunnyside, Dreams End and Dreams Begin girls acting as their counselors. The counselors were delighted to catch a few extra minutes of sleep before rushing down to breakfast to lead songs as Sunnysiders. Julia M., Gia V., Ellie C., Leigh Ann F., Anna J., Sherill B., Meryl L. and Madisyn M. headed off right after a breakfast of French toast sticks for a white water rafting trip.

Activities were in full swing today as the campers, counselors for the day and counselors sought to make the most of the sunshine and the last Monday of classes. In Camp Craft, Sunnysiders Libby C. and Anna M. led the class in building a fire and making s’mores. In cooking, Olivia W., Mary Helen P., Nina H., Sara P., and Caroline A., helped the girls get in touch with their inner Italian as they made their own personal pizza’s.

The dock was also an exciting place as the water warmed up. Bailey A., Caroline A. and Larkin S. led the swimmers in a game of star while Anna M., and Elizabeth C. led the canoers in laps around the lake before they swamped their boats to cool off.  Kayaking, led by Amy J. and Mary Helen H. practiced hip snaps, T-rescue’s, and rolls.

The gymnastics, dance and chorus classes were all hard at work as they prepared for tonight’s evening activity of Fine Arts Night.

After a delicious lunch of Philly cheese steak and chocolate chip cookies, the returning girls voted for next years Princess, Spirit of Good Cheer and Spirit of Sportsmanship while the first year girls returned to their cabin. The girls spent the rest of their free time enjoying trading post, the waterslide and a soccer tournament. To celebrate Merrill H.’s birthday, Stardust had a pizza party in Tucker Inn.

As the activities of the day came to a close, the girls settled down to enjoy a fantastic dinner of egg rolls and lo mien before heading up to the Mike for an evening of Fine Arts.

Counselor Kirstie