The great land that is Merri-Mac woke up an hour later to the delight of campers and counselors alike, for lo and behold, it was Random-Doughnut Day! Girls cheerful chattered on their trunks as they munched on doughnuts and sipped milk. Then it was off to do their best at cabin chores. The sun was warm and cheerful as girls made their way to chapel. Counselor Molly M. spoke on having faith in God and letting Him calm the storms in our lives.

Before the first bugle had rung, girls were already off on an adventure. Vivian Guyton, Kate T., Abigail J., Allie Y., Hailey H., and Elizabeth C., led by trip staff, took a canoeing trip to explore section four of the French Broad River, passing the Biltmore House, having a picnic in their canoes, and enjoying each other’s company. Back at camp, girls began a flurry of activities as they determinedly work to finish bars before tomorrow.

Lower camp was a flurry of activity this morning with girls hurrying to their first class hand in hand. In pottery, girls glazed their beautiful textured bowls and wheel-thrown pieces, each as unique and creative as the last. Madeline C. grinned extra big as our own Sadie helped her dip her piece into colored glaze. Just down the hill, girls conquered the high ropes course, and campers, like Savannah S. worked on knots to get their bronze. Just over the creek on Mackie’s Green lacrosse met for fierce drills and games, like the Box (to practice cradling and control), the Gauntlet, and mini scrimmages. The players grinned and laughed together through all the sweat and hard work. In soccer, Kristie G. got her gold after playing her instructor one on one, doing 40 yard passes, and more!

Up on Senior hill, and in the adjoining areas, girls were out in the sun, enjoying being in class. In Archery, Izzy R. got the first gold of the entire summer (good job Izzy!). Tennis especially loved the delightful weather as they played games like “Queen of the Court” and worked hard. Girls finished off some bars, including Stewart W., who got her bronze, and Anne Sutton W., who conquered her silver! Guitar class was hard at work making beautiful music and practicing for Fine Arts night, and Robyn N. got her gold! Also working on Fine Arts pieces was chorus, practicing songs like Bella Note and Castle on a Cloud.

On the beautiful lake Doras, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and diving met to splash around and hone their skills. Kayakers worked on wet exits, rolls, and t-rescues, while canoeing worked on their strokes and did relay races. Swimming met in the lanes where many campers worked hard for their bars. Lindsey H. taught Kate H. her backstroke and kicking to earn her gold. Gracey Ray H. also taught Isabella St. P-C (whose birthday was today…Happy Birthday Isabella!) to do her butterfly stroke. In order to get their bronze, Ingrid E., Riley M., and Eva W. tred water for ten minutes and then floated comfortable for 10 more minutes.

Tonight, Seminoles will go to get ice cream as the Choctaw and Iroquois fight it out in Newcomb Ball and volleyball in our very own Mike.    Who knows which tribe will rise victorious!? (Go Iroquois!) Girls are heading off to their cabins, rubbing their tired eyes, and cleaning up, looking forward to the next day. Goodnight all!


Anna S.

Comet Counselor

Climbing Enthusiast