DSCN9276It’s the first day of camp and as the bugle rings the hill comes alive with second session campers. As the bell rings for breakfast the girls start making their way down the hill to a breakfast of pancakes. After singing some silly morning songs lead by our Sunnysiders, the girls transitioned to their first chapel lead by Adam Boyd on “who is God”. Soon the girls were beginning their first and second classes. As in the beginning of every session each class is started with a safety talk and beginning instructions for the activity. After these instructions classes are in full swing. In canoeing they learned basic strokes. Gymnastics learned how to do rolls and cartwheels and the importance of stretching. In PAWs they met the dogs and learned how to properly harness and walk the puppies. Girls in volleyball learned how to properly move across the court by shuffling. For climbing today they were climbing on our new upper tower. After a busy morning the girls all settled into tucker in for today’s lunch favorite of taco in a bag. As lunch begins to wrap up the girls stand up on their benches with their tribes and sing their tribal songs ending of course in our princess song to our current princess and CIT Anna.

The tribal competition started today as the girls headed out in search of the hatched. Last session’s chiefs previously buried the hatched after the banner was won by the Seminoles in last session’s closing. It is legend that whichever tribe finds the hatched will be the winners of the next Banner. Today it was found by the Choctaw tribe. After all this activity the girls headed up the hill for a much needed rest half hour before running down again for trading post. After coming down from their sugar rush third and fourth classes begun. In Tennis they learned how to execute forehead strokes. The girls in fencing learned the parts of the foil, how to put on gear and basic footwork. In DIY crafts they made button trees. Dance today learned basic floor work and beginning ballet positions. In drama they spent the class playing improv games. Riflery learned the parts of the gun and how to properly load and unload guns. In camp craft they went on a short hike on our own Tomahawk trail. Pottery today learned how to make coil pots. In cooking they made quiche. Fourth period was cut short today so all the girls could gather on the back green to take a camp photo before dinner. After dinner wraps up the girls are headed outside for evening activity. Tonight’s evening activity is Bass Jumping. In this game the girls break off into their three tribes and try to carry “secret messages” from the TeePee to secret basses all over camp. After the evening activity came to a close the girls headed back up the hill for some cabin time before taps. It was another great day at camp.