There is just a little over a month left until our first session at Merri-Mac! Camp is the highlight of the summer for kids everywhere but also often a stressful time for parents when it comes to packing. Our overnight camp near South Carolina knows this and is here to help! Here are some tips to hopefully reduce the stress that comes along with packing for overnight camp this summer!


LISTS: First, look for a list. While there are generic overnight camp packing lists online, ask the camp if they have their own list. This is often given to parents once you’re signed up for camp. Make sure to follow this list because everything on it is on it for a reason. Also, while you’re packing write a list of everything and where it is. Send this list with your daughter so she knows where to look for specific items.

LABELS: Buy some waterproof labels and a laundry marker and go label crazy! Everything that goes with your daughter to overnight camp should have her name on it. This reduces the chance of something getting lost or mixed up. (It also helps you avoid a trip to the lost and found on pick up day, added bonus!)

MEDICATION: Next, does your daughter need any medications while at camp? Campers usually aren’t allowed to have medication in the overnight camp bunks. Check with the on site nurse or staff to see if there is a system in place. At Merri-Mac, our camp infirmary staff uses Walgreens MEDS4Camp.

TRUNKS: Trunks are extremely useful when it comes to packing for overnight camp. Trunks are built to handle and hold a ton of stuff and are easy for campers to live out of. Look at different reviews when picking one and invest in a trusted trunk because it can be used for the summers to come.

HOME: Include items from home like pictures, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. to ease the feelings of homesickness at overnight camp.

TOILETRIES: Some camps may require this but a shower caddy is a great idea for toiletries. Also, when packing any liquid toiletries, place them in a plastic bag to avoid them leaking.

EQUIPMENT: If your daughter will be participating in overnight camp activities that requires equipment, ask if the camp supplies it or if the camper needs to bring it herself.


Hopefully these tips helped ease your stress a little bit. If you’re still looking for an overnight camp near South Carolina for your daughter, contact Camp Merri-Mac at (828)-669-8766 today to schedule a tour or get more information!