It was a lovely Sunday here at Merri-Mac. With the sun shining down and girls in white the day couldn’t have started better. After sleeping in the girls went down to the Tucker Inn to enjoy a breakfast of cinnamon rolls. Today’s chapel was given by our wonderful director Adam B. The message came in story form. He told the girls about two brothers, the elder a wise and kind man and the younger a foolish, rough man. The elder brother spent his life wisely and to the good of others, keeping nothing for himself. A wild existence is what the younger brother kept. Years had past and the two brothers had traveled very different paths and were reaping the results. The younger had fallen in with the wrong crowd and had committed many crimes to keep his life style. The elder brother was the owner of a small, but well to do, printing company. One night the elder brother heard a small, exhausted knock at his door. His younger brother had killed a man and had no where to turn. The older brother into his house, cleaned him up and put him to bed. When the police came looking for the younger brother, they found the older in his clothes. The older brother had made himself to look like his younger brother. The police could tell no difference and took him away. The older brother received his younger brother’s punishment. But before his punishment took place he wrote a small note, ” I have died your death for you, now you live my life for me.” The entire story was to illustrate how Jesus has taken our punishment and how we should live for him.

After chapel concluded to girls went off to enjoy their free-time and friends. Many cabins, such as Tweedle-Dee and SunSpot, decided to put on a spa-day with hair-does and nail-painting. Several activities, such as basket ball, fencing, and back-packing were open so campers could work on their bars. In guitar the girls worked on a Mumford and Sons song, while in tennis they were working on serves and game play. One of the Intermediate cabins, Comet, went on a cabin trip to Catawba Falls. All of camp was ecstatic about today’s lunch, which consisted of fried chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes.  After a hour long rest period the girls went off to have free-swim in Lake Doris. Many of the campers not only enjoyed the “Blob”, but also the water-slide. In Pottery today the young ladies were able to finish their pieces before they were put into the kiln to be fired. Tonight for dinner the girls had a cook-out with burgers, hot-dogs, potato salad, and cookies. Now they are all headed for Vespers, a long-standing camp tradition.


Counselor Caroline