After a long night of steady rain, the cheery bugle rang over a foggy Merri-Mac morning. Campers across the mountainside crawled out of bed and ran for their sweatshirts to wear on the first actually cold day of camp! As different Disney tunes blared from cabins, chore were done in a bright mood despite the weather and a camp classic and much loved breakfast was served: Baked Oatmeal, praise!

With the morning off on a lovely foot, every girl set off to chapel and made their joyful noise, singing songs like River of Life and For All The Saints. Beloved counselor Kristie G. shared her story of getting lost on a hike to show how man thinks we know where we need to go, but only God can show us and take us down the true path. The chapel dispersed into the still brisk morning and first period soon began. Guitar chords and clashing fencing foils sounded out over the fog, bullets and neighs and barks joining them as the day progressed into second period.

Chicken patties and sweet potatoes fries warmed us up from the inside out on the chilly day and the Seminoles and the Iroquois revealed their new tribal songs at lunch!

The most exciting part of the day was now upon us, and, with a special guest Santa and Mrs. Claus and their elf appearing, there was no doubt was the evening activity was: CHRISTMAS EVE! Mariah Carey blared and girls cheered as candy was tossed to tables met with excited hands.

With the catchy Christmas tune still stuck in heads everywhere, rest hour was well needed after such an active morning. Like clockwork, at 2:30 and one second, the trading post bugle sounded and as did tons of feet down stairs, out of cabin doors, and much more carefully than usual down the muddy slope. Sugared and happy, third and fourth period went wonderfully, with Sabrina O. getting her silver in fencing and Sarah R. getting her gold in riflery!

After fourth, girls ran back to their cabins to deck out in full Christmas gear, donning everything from ugly (but actually really cute) sweaters to penguin onesies and knees socks every shade of red and green. The festivities were afoot and Christmas chill and cheer were still in the air when campers headed back to their to hang out with the Sunnyside and Dreams girls “babysitting”. To close the wonderful night with a band, the girls headed up to Spencer’s green for fireworks, a bright and vivid close to a foggy day. Taps rang its sound, Storybook Bibles were read aloud, and sweet dreams of sugar plums and sleeping in an extra hour danced in the heads of each Merri-Mac girl.

Merri-Christmas and Go Seminoles,

Hunter Willis