Good Morning this is Rainbow counselor, Amy J., reporting live from Camp Merri Mac. Today I had the opportunity to visit some classes and talk with campers about their favorite things at camp. Join me as we take a look into an exciting day at Merri Mac. This morning campers eagerly rushed down the hill to a breakfast of French toast sticks, I sat down with some girls in Tweedles after breakfast to see what they thought, “I like the syrup!” said Caroline B. joyfully! Another camper Penelope W. said, “they were delicious”. Then, we all gathered at the lake for Sunnyside chapel, we love our oldest campers and loved our last chapel all together.

As the morning went on girls went to their first and second period classes. I got to watch campers excel in their skills and grow in confidence. In backpacking they went on a nature walk and learned orienteering with compasses. Taylor S. said, “I like learning about what plants we have at camp, I learned that whenever we find rhododendron there is water nearby.” Elizabeth H. told me, “we learned about what dangerous plants to avoid and how to properly follow a trail so you don’t get lost!” All of which seems like very valuable information! In gymnastics class campers had a tumbling relay, Emmeline C. told me that she loves jumping on the trampoline and Caroline H. liked working together with her team in the relay, she even got her bronze bar!

For lunch we had a camp favorite, pizza with mozzarella sticks! It was the perfect fuel to keep us going on a hot afternoon. This afternoon gymnastics and dance joined the water activities for free swim, girls enjoyed the blob and diving boards and just getting to float around in lake Doris. Liza K. said “I loved flying off of the blob” and Jordan W. told me “it was so nice to cool down in the water today”. I hiked all the way up to the upper climbing towers to see what our girls were up to and Ava O. could not wait to tell me that she had made it to the very top of the upper tower and got to yell “I’m a mountain woman”! We are so proud of what our campers accomplish here at Merri Mac.

After dinner we all went to our last white feather ceremony of the session. Earning the Tumbleweed promotion was,

Brooke P. Blair H.,

Hayden P. Ella J.

Ellen M. Emerson M.

Charlotte Z. Jayden R.S.

Emmeline C. Eloise D.

Hayley H. Sara Harper B.

Rachel L. Julia C.

Josie W. Millie H.

Layla J. Camilla H.

Lauren N. Jana M.

Evie B. Abigail M.

Grace J. Lucy S.

Ellen Y. Mary D.

Madeline B. Logan T.

Earning the Groundhog promotion was,

Brooklyn O. Georgia V.

Britt M. Caroline N.

Mira P. Sarah S.

Logan T. Audrey M.

Anne Gibson M. Sailor V.

Earning the Badger promotion was,

Amelia B. Grace F.

Earning the Arrow promotion was,

Gracie B. Morgan B.

Samantha S. Charley B.

Olivia P. Maddison M.

Caroline M. Anna Claire S.

Earning the Crazy Creek promotion was,

Phoebe F.

Earning the Long Bow promotion was,

Sylvia B. Elizabeth M.

Earning the Running Deer promotion was,

Grace E. Mackenzie S.

Jessica K. Reilly B.

Sarah S. Lily T.

Grace K. Merrill H.

Margaret R. Millie S.

Earning the Red Tail promotion was,

Taylor E. Anna F.

Avery B. Keely W.

Gabby M.

Earning the Junior Feather promotion was,

Rachel C. Lucy D.

This evening we began to say our goodbyes at final campfire and lakeside. We hate to see our girls go, but are so proud of how they have grown and changed at camp and cannot wait to see what they accomplish during the year when they return next summer.

Signing off this is Amy Jameson, Rainbow counselor, and proud Iroquois!