The bugle rang loudly at 7am, and the campers were surprised when they saw who was greeting them! It’s Staff Appreciation Day, and counselors relaxed as the Sunnyside, Rainbow, and Dreams girls had their backs. Our two oldest cabins were our staff for the day and helped clean up the cabin and send the girls on their way. Down to breakfast we traveled to what we thought was a trick, a camp favorite breakfast: French Toast sticks! The counselors and staff led singing in the dining hall, making memories that will last through spring, winter, and fall. Chapel was led by Adam, as he reminded us how to live our lives for Jesus, and make that choice now. Our last day of classes began with a bang, as we danced, climbed, cooked, swam, and sang. In DIY, we made bracelets and paintings for a friend, in Yoga they channeled their inner zen.

As lunchtime approached, we swarmed the dining hall like bees to get our hands on mini corn dogs and mac and cheese! The counselors sang with tribal pride as I loudly proclaimed, “Choctaw Tribe ‘Til the Day I Die!” The Tucker Inn erupted with cheers and shouting as they announced Evening Activity: BASE JUMPING!

We rested and ate our trading post with glee as a sudden feeling of comfort came over me. There’s one full day of camp left, which is hard to believe and I know that it never gets easier to leave. But watching these girls so happy and free, reveals the true purpose of camp to me. Merri-Mac lets us be who we truly are, and that gift of confidence will take us so far. It is not something left behind when we leave. Instead, it is planted in us, like a seed. This seed will be tended to, year after year, as the friendships and memories we’ll always hold dear. In this last day of classes, I surely am sad, for I know this is the best summer that I’ve ever had. But the great thing about camp is that it never truly ends, and we’ll never forget our adventures alongside our best friends. Forever in our hearts, we’ll hold camp so true and we cannot wait to make more memories soon.


To Merri-Mac, we’ll always be true, ever after, we’ll remember you.

From this Haven,

Anne Dillon Loflin

Stardust Counselor

9th Summer at Merri-Mac

Proud Choctaw