Everyday at camp is a fun day. They are days of fun and laughter but also days of business and hard work, which is why Sunday’s are so special. Sundays give our girls the opportunity to rest, spend time with friends and achieve their goals.


Sundays start with a camper favorite, late reville and cinnamon rolls. Our dining hall was filled with energetic songs and happy tummies. Girls got to spend more time in Chapel singing many camp favorites. Chapel is the best time of the day, especially on Sundays. Moonmist Cabin did the message today and talked about the fruits of the spirits.

The lake was a very popular today as every camp division got free swim! The girls love free swim because there are so many wonderful and fun things to do such as the blob, paddle board, diving, kayaking, and MORE!! Even after an afternoon rain, the dock was open and ready for campers! Caroline K. hosted a canoeing tournament, which was very successful. We loving seeing girls embrace camp for everything it is. Girls were smiling and laughing. Doris is such a wonderful place for girls to create memories.  

Another extraordinary and unique aspects of Sundays are that activities open and girls get to practice and work towards bars. So many activities including tennis, emergency water safety, riflery, archery, and kayaking were open so girls could grow in their favorite activities. It warms our hearts when girls love an activity and really strive to grow in it. We have spectacular campers!

Girls are anticipating cookout and vespers, a Sunday tradition. Girls will eat burgers and watch skits with their friends and enjoy the last couple days at camp. It is so special because this time gives our campers a chance to be girls and genuine to who they are with others who truly love them. Camp is the sweetest of all places.

With Sunday coming to a close, a week of classes and excitement is upon us. Girls will go to bed eagerly awaiting all the joy that camp has to offer.


From This Haven,

Abby Baird

Cross Patch

Proud Choctaw