To start off another beautiful day in Black Mountain, the campers woke up at Reveille to a rather chilly morning, ready to embrace the day ahead. For many girls in Upper Camp, this was a morning of excitement and elation as they prepared for their two night, three-day backpacking trip before breakfast. Abigail F., Emma D., Caroline S., Anna S., Sabrina R., Olivia B., Caroline C., and Anna C. are on their way to their next adventure. This morning the campers munched on some delicious eggs, biscuits, and potatoes made by our very own kitchen staff.

Later in Chapel, we had another true story with one of our Lower Camp counselors, Alyssa H. Alyssa answered the question of who God is by sharing her personal experiences in high school and middle school of how God can be your best friend and finding her worth in Him before anyone else. In the afternoon, the sun began to peak out and many girls enjoyed their first and second-period activities of tennis, soccer, pottery, DIY, yoga, and kayaking to name a few.

For lunch, the girls were overly excited to eat the Caesar salad wraps and waffle fries with pineapple cubes and veggies, a camp favorite. We also celebrated the birthdays of one of our Sunnysiders Addie K. and one lower camp girl, Sarah M. which was enjoyed with songs and cookie cakes for each of them. Molly K. announced at lunch that today is TRIBE FEST, and we had so many more activities in store for the girls. For Upper Camp, the second half of the day started with Swim Fest where the three tribes battled it out on lake Doris, while Lower Camp played an intense game of El Presidente. Before the games started, Jessie G. and Lucy G. were initiated as Choctaws! Dinner tonight was Hawaiian meatballs, rice, peas, cornbread, and brownies for dessert. After dinner, Upper Camp finished out the tribe fest with El Presidente while Lower Camp played Inferno. Overall, a very busy day at Camp Merri-Mac with lots of shouting, paint, and glitter. We are so thankful to enjoy this time together especially in a season like this.


With Love,

Ella Nell

Head of Soccer