Generally speaking, a lot of people working within the camping industry are creative by nature. There is a lot of creative problem solving, imagination and quick thinking that go into the day to day operations. With all of this creative potential, I decided to put our year-round team to the test. 

This year, for the first time ever, our year-round team made our Christmas ornaments! Each of the ornaments for sale this Christmas have been hand-made by our owners, directors, assistant director, office managers, property managers, intern and a few local friends. In what has felt like a year of unknowns, we really enjoyed getting to safely come together and get creative. 

I set up a station for everyone in the Enchanted Barn and we got to work! Between rolling slaps, cutting circles, punching holes, smoothing edges, loading (and unloading) the kiln, glazing, reloading the kiln, and tying knots, we’ve been pretty busy. Below are a few photos of the team at work!

Each ornament is perfectly imperfect, just like us, and I am really excited about them. Not only are you going to get a little piece of camp, you will also get to be creative! With each ornament order, we are sending a smaller, unglazed ornament. Our hope is that you will spend a bit of time together, painting your own ornament and reflecting on your favorite thing about camp. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you take it to social media, don’t forget to tag us (@campmerrimac and @camptimberlake). 

Keep an eye out for our Christmas store launch on November 20th. You will be able to order ornaments, stocking stuffers and more! 


Merri-Christmas and happy camping, 

Andrea Pelham
Assistant Director