Mealtime is one of my favorite parts about camp. This is when memories are made; sitting around the table enjoying a meal of Tacos in a Bag or Mini Corn Dogs and Mac’n’Cheese. This is when laughter echoes through the Tucker Inn, grabbing the attention of the person beside you and inviting them in to laugh with you. This is when singing, dancing, and shouting overwhelm the space, making it almost impossible not to join in. Meals at camp are shared together, with your cabin, with your friends and with the people you have come to love. The table is a place where all these things manifest into what camp is all about – growth through friends and adventure. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, I immediately think of the table and all that it embodies. Not only does it embody food and sharing with one another but it embodies Christ and all that He has done for us. Justin Whitmel Earley says it best in his book The Common Rule, “The work of the Kingdom begins at the table. So let’s eat!”. We are welcome to sit at the table this season whether we have an actual place to go or not. And even amidst the healthy chaos of mealtime at camp – kingdom work is being done. I am thankful for camp and the ways the table has provided growth and adventure year after year. 

Wishing all of our families a Happy Thanksgiving, we are thankful for each and every one of you. 

Great Camping!

Bonnie Gibson