Another great day here in Merri-Mac! All day today Merri-Mac kids kayaked, swam, climbed, mountain biked, canoed, ate trading post with their friends, and more! First period kayaking played kayak water polo! There were two nets on wither side of the dock and the kayakers would steel the ball from the other team and score in their own goal. Some girls that played first period were Lucy W., Zelle W., and Mary Richard E. This game helped with their boat control, paddle strokes, and it’s a fan favorite! Today in gymnastics, Anna and Grace taught girls of all ages many different tricks- all the way from ariels to backflips! Girls loved working on the beam and the bars today while many girls tested for their bars. Cooking class was very busy in the kitchen today. They made Christmas pasta because… surprise tonight is Camp Christmas Eve! Christmas pasta is the best type of camp pasta, girls got to make their own meatballs and used pesto and red sauce to make their pasta Christmas colors! Cecelia G. and Leyden C. from Big Dipper cabin say this is their favorite meal at camp and they loved making it first period!


There were a ton of trips going out today! Girls on senior hill got to go on rafting trips, mountain biking trips, and even a kayaking trip! Some girls that went on the kayaking trip were Abigail S., Sadie E., Kaci M., Stella J., and Emily S. The girls that went on the mountain biking trip were Collman F., Laine M., Finley H., Elizabeth W., and Taylor S. Some girls that went on the rafting trip were Allison B., Brooke B., Caitlyn C., Caroline C., Lucy C., Jane D., and many more!


The afternoon was full on fun and festivities! At dinner it was announced that tonight is Camp Christmas Eve! This means that all the girls get to come down to dinner decked out in their best Christmas wear and sing Christmas songs all day! The counselors will go to each cabin tonight and carol holding candles and wishing all the campers a goodnight. This is one of the best held Merri Mac traditions! Tomorrow morning all the campers will get to sleep in an hour and get delivered donuts on the iconic Merri-Mac blue truck for breakfast! Merri Christmas!