Dear Friends and Parents,

Judging by the enthusiastic yells of the girls playing Sock War this evening, today has been a good one.

Camp Merri-Mac started the morning bright and early with scrambled eggs and hash browns. After chapel, the campers went to their first activity of the session. In cooking, they made blueberry and chocolate chip muffins.

“I love that we get to eat whatever we make at the end of cooking class,” London M. said.

The Black Mountain Expedition team took some girls on a rafting trip to the French Broad River. Allessa A., Greer D., and Katherine E. had an amazing time on the river.

“My rafting boat was the best! Two girls fell off,” Mali P. said when asked about the trip.

After a full morning, the camp met in the Tucker Inn to eat tacos in a bag, which are always sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The girls then returned to their cabins for rest hour. After that, everyone got to enjoy their favorite candy from the Trading Post.

Refreshed and ready to go, campers and staff went to afternoon activities. In trail running, Maisie B. ran the Little Hawk Trail with some of her friends. Meanwhile, Merritt D. went to dance class and learned to do a plié. Corrime K. said that she enjoyed playing volleyball.

“It was fun and fast-paced! One of my favorite activities,” she added.

Layla C. continued working on a crocheting project in knitting class. She said that the counselors teaching did a great job helping girls learn how to knit and crochet. Mary Katherine V. also had excellent things to say about the counselors she met in fencing.

At 6 p.m., everyone enjoyed a dinner of sausage penne pasta and broccoli and then headed out for evening activity. Sock War is the perfect way to end the perfect day at Camp Merri-Mac.

From this Haven,

Ivy Young (Cabin Stardust)