It was a great day today at Camp Merri-Mac! Caroline R. went on a cabin trip to Mt. Mitchell with her cabin, Comet, and had a blast! We had our girls’ hard work pay off in their classes on top of having a blast. In soccer, our girls got their game face on before a scrimmage.

In riflery, Biscuit A. is working hard to reach her gold. Charlotte S. said, “PAWS is my favorite class of the day!” Ginny H. is making a bowl in pottery for her mom! Spencer C. ran the Tomahawk trail after already getting her Gold a few years prior.


Last night’s evening activity was Battle Ball in The Mike! It was a three-way tie between the Black Bears, Red Wolves, and Golden Eagles. We also ended the game with a Staff vs. Sunnyside round. Staff took the victory!


The Tucker Inn was full of energy when evening activity was announced! Cabin night is tonight, so each counselor has a special activity planned for some good quality with each other. Sundrop is going to the cooking kitchen to make cookies, Rainbow and Dreams Begin are making shrinky dinks in the fireplace, and Tweedle Doe is having a spa night that is turning into a pirate themed scavenger hunt and then ending the night putting the puppies to bed!


It’s been a successful, fun, and adventurous day up here in the mountains!