Spring Break Adventure Itinerary

Merri-Mac and Timberlake Spring Service Adventure: Basic Itinerary



  • Travel day: Arrive in Managua, Nicaragua and ride Amigos for Christ bus to Chinandega, arriving that night.



  • Volcano Hike
    • Spend the day hiking one of Nicaragua’s most beautiful peaks, Cerro Negro.


  • Day one of water project
    • Learn all about the community we will be serving for the week, as well as the development model used by Amigos for Christ.
    • Begin work digging and laying water system.



  • Day two of water project
    • Continue work on water system. We will also have the opportunity to visit with community members in their homes today.



  • Rest Day
    • Spend the morning volunteering at a local nursing home.
    • The Merri-Mac/Timberlake team will get lunch out in town together. This is a great chance to see Chinandega and get souvenirs.
    • Games and relaxation that afternoon evening at the Amigos complex.



  • Continued work on the water project.


  • Water project and week’s end celebration with the community
    • Close the week with field games and time celebrating the work done with the community members we’ve worked alongside all week.



  • Travel day: Leave early Saturday morning to return home.