IMAGE CAPTION – Having fun at Merri-Mac!

Fall is here and Camp is incredibly busy! Jen, Dan, Stephen and I are all traveling introducing

Merri-Mac to new families and recruiting new staff. They have also gotten to see a lot of Merri-Mac


Bobby is busy updating a few bathrooms, redesigning the canoe dock and…preparing to build a

huge waterslide into the lake!

What about the staff?

Lots of last year’s staff have already singed up to return to camp, and many more will be doing

so in the next weeks and months. Robin Kempf, Rebecca Condon, Eileen Rush, Elendea King, Morgan

Cogswell, Katy Robb, Annie Singletary, Brooke Brewster, Patti-O, Brittany Hogan, Emily Cornelius,

Kate Willingham, Lauren Nesslein, Emily Spear, Emily Johnson, Berkeley Arakawa, Laura Burhman,

Georgia Standke, Emily Garner, Megan O’Brien, Cathryn Mudrick, Kat Weaver, Paige Porter, Kelsey

Johnson, Becca Henderson, Anne Archer, Kate Selwyn, Michaela Barnhart, Sara Katherine Paxton, Charli

Mason, Annie Powell, Karoline Hurt, Leslie Loughran; Beth Hicks, Janie Southard and Lennon Dodson

are among the earliest to re-enlist, and we’re just getting started!

If your favorite counselor is not here just drop me an email begging her to come back and I’ll be

sure she gets it.

In other staff news we know that Alison Holby is enjoying teaching at Wesleyan in Atlanta, Baylor

Brewster is considering a Semester in Spain, Natalie Allen may take a missions trip to Ecuador,

Katie Carr is applying to Occupational Therapy School, Celeste Eaton is a freshman at Boston

College, Erica Fredstrom will be playing Tennis at Liberty University, and Natalie Hall is getting

married in May.

Other news:

A group of Merri-Mac alumni from the ’80’s held a reunion at camp a couple of weeks ago. They

spent most of their time around the fire at the Teepee, but this did not keep them from finding time

to raid the Trading Post! There’s another group from the 50’s coming soon!

We will be updating our news often and so hope you will keep checking back.

Great Camping!