IMAGE CAPTION – having fun at Merri-Mac

Everyone loves the new web site and we’ve started hearing from some of our campers through the

“What’s New” page. If we haven’t heard from you then drop us a line and we’ll let everyone know

what you are up to.

What are the Merri-Mac girls up to?

Most recently we’ve heard from Carina D., Adrianna H., Sarah P., Emily S., Donovan L., Alison and

Emery B., Georgia K., Christine B., and Mary Kate H. Also, Jillian says, “I’m coming back next

year for 7 weeks yeah! See you there Lee and friends from second session first and second weeks!”

Melanie C. says, “This year I was crying because I couldn’t go to Merri-Mac. Then I started school

and I am now in the sixth grade. Alex and Jorge A. are still my best friends (they went to Merri-Mac

and Timberlake too). I am in pre-algebra at school and it’s really hard (I think). I hope I can

go back to Merri-Mac this year because it the greatest camp I have ever been too. I hope to continue

to go there and then soon I’ll be a CIT and then a counselor. And just for your information CHOCTAW

is going to win the banner!”

Who won the challenge?

Lots of you responded with correct answers for the Sombrero Challenge but Caitlin S., Eileen R.,

and Mary S. were the first and fastest. Leslie Brown was the winner for the staff. Congratulations


News From the Staff

Our most recent hires include Elizabeth H. and Stephanie K.. After taking a year off Bethan H.

is considering graduate school in English and she is also hoping to come back, so if you have time

drop her an email and tell her you hope to see her this summer. Rebecca Condon says, “I am applying

to several colleges: Georgia Tech, Clemson, Mercer, and Belmont Abbey. I am looking forward to being

a JC this summer, its going to be awesome!”

If you want to know more just visit “Macky’s Bulletin Board.” You can get the latest information

from your friends and leave them a note as well.

See you at camp!