IMAGE CAPTION – Lots of smiles at Merri-Mac!

Dear Merri-Mac Girls,

We’ve taken camp on the road! I just returned from Charlotte and Ann and I will be heading to

Atlanta this weekend for a camp fair in Buford. Dan was recently in Cincinnati, and then to Asbury

to meet new counselors, and Stephen will be in Raleigh on Sunday. After two weeks in Florida Jen is

spending a little time closer to home, but one of the exciting things she will be doing is ordering

this summer’s clothing.

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From the Campers:

Savannah B. writes, “Weel wutup y’all guess what? I’m really into gymnastics this year. I’m on

a team. I got third all around in my first meet out of 60 people!” Congratulations Savannah!

Alexandra C. says, “I am sooooo excited for camp! I know I still have like 5 months to go but I’m

still excited! To tell the truth I have already bought some new stuff for camp!” Anna S. reports,

“I can’t wait for camp! IROQUOIS IS GOING TO WIN THE BANNER! I just tried out for Jr. High Region

Choir. I didn’t make it but I was about 2 away out of about 200 people. But it was very fun because

I got to spend a whole day with my friends. I’m also going to Disney World in April with my choir! I

can’t wait. I haven’t been on an airplane since I was one yr. old! I’m very excited. I can’t wait to

see everyone at camp! I miss ya’ll!”

From the Staff:

We have word that there will be a Merri-Mac staff party at UGA this weekend and our latest hire

is Georganne, who taught Anne A. to ride! Sara Katherine wrote in to say, “Things in NYC are going

great, I’m on the Upper School Dance Company, and our performance is this week. It’s going to be a

hit! I’m doing a panel for this thing called Teen Scene run by Parents-In-Action. I’m taking the

SATs on April 1st and exams are two weeks before that, so school is really hectic. My mom and I have

been talking a lot about camp, and since I’m only going to be a CIT second session, I’m going to

come down a couple of days early to see my first session girls and closing ceremonies! Hope everyone

is just as excited about camp as I am! Love you all!”

See you at camp!

Adam and Ann