IMAGE CAPTION – Lots of LOVE from Merri-Mac!

Dear Merri-Mac Girls,

Camp is cold these days, which means that it is nice to head south and meet with some of our camp families. It also means that we’ve finally gotten some snow! With this in mind Stephen is planning our last Florida trip now so give us a call if you would like him to come to your home! In February we usually attend a few camp fairs and most recently we got to see Olivia V. in Atlanta (her little sister wants to join her at Merri-Mac), and Stephen got to see Kristy P. in Cary.

A lot of you have emailed to thank us for sending the contact information for your cabin mates from last summer. We thought that would be a good way to help you stay connected. If you did not get an email from us it is because we do not have your email address. We’d love to have it for future mailings and you can send it by clicking on the “tell us” link just below this article. Be sure to include your name and a note about what you are up to.

From the Campers:

Virginia Beth A. wrote in saying, “Hey Everybody!!! What’s up?! Happy Valentines Day!”

From the Staff:

The staff is filling very quickly. The CIT spots have been full for a long time and now the JC’s are full as well. Our most recent old girl to be hired is Lauren D. Lauren had to miss last year but she’s excited to be joining the climbing staff this summer. Emily M. also called to say she is looking forward to her upcoming trip to Australia and will visit camp as soon as she returns. As you can see from the pictures, Adam and Dan have taken up a new instrument and hope to surprise you with a few “tunes” this summer!

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann