IMAGE CAPTION – Summer fun at Merri-Mac!

We get asked all the time what we do in the off season. These pictures should give you a good idea. After a fantastic summer all the directors took a well earned vacation to Cozumel; we needed one last hurrah before Dan and Annie’s baby comes in October!

Camp’s been busy since returning home too. We’ve been setting up home meetings for October and November, collecting CIT applications (don’t worry, we’ll be calling soon), and contracting new building projects for the winter. We’ve also been hearing from a lot of you:

Emily S. wrote to say she’s in the 6th grade, Madison M. is starting the 7th, and Natalie wrote to say hi to everyone and that she is looking forward to next summer. Also, Laura and Julia M. wrote to say, “Hi – We loved CAMP! Can’t wait until next year!!! Already have talked friends into coming with us to see how fun it is. We both are competing in tennis and have been undefeated this season. Hope everyone is great!”

We’d love to hear from you too so click on the “Tell Us What’s New” tab at the bottom of this article. We’ll try to post all the responses we can!

From the Alumni:

Several of our girls from the 80’s came to visit after camp, and spent a couple nights in their old cabins. They are planning a big reunion for next fall! Also, Michelle B. wrote to say, Hello! I am a former camper…Stardust, Moonmist, what great memories! I am so happy that Kate C. is there for her first year to enjoy the songs, and fellowship with campers and Christ at Camp Merri Mac! I am the proud mother of two terrific future campers. We will be leaving in July to spend one year in Switzerland. I hope my fellow campers Joy P., Julie R., Susan C., Amy and Ivy G., Susan G., Lisa F., Kathy W. and Shea G. are considering sending their kids to Merri Mac, too. I bet some will be at camp together. Thanks for all the great times!

We’ll keep updating about every week so be sure to check back, and send us any messages you want us to send out to Merri-Mac!

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann