IMAGE CAPTION – having fun during training week!

Dear Merri-Mac:

Staff are arriving and so are our first camper trunks, which means that camp is here! We begin today with 3 days of specialized training for the climbers, backpackers, riders and paddlers, and the rest of the staff will start on the 29th. After that June 4 will come and we’ll be celebrating Merri-Mac’s next birthday. This will also be the last Smoke Signals until the end of the summer, but we will be beginning our summer newsletters and photos through the parent section of the web site. The great news is that every parent is already registered and has already received their passwords.

Maria M. wrote with some more good news: “Now my dad bought me a dog! Its name is max, it is a Labrador Retriever, its color is brown, like chocolate!” Good job dad.

Maggie T., who is already here for staff training week writes: “Hey Girls! Guess who?? It’s Maggie T.! I decided since I was at camp it would be amazing to write for Smoke Signals! So, if you aren’t excited yet, you totally should be! All the staff got here today and let me tell you Merri-Mac staff is AWESOME! Yesterday I went out with Beth, our new water ski instructor, and she is the greatest. My skiing skills however are not so amazing, but hey, hopefully I can work on that this summer.

It’s so exciting to be here, but it definitely isn’t complete without ya’ll! We are counting down the days till you get here, which for 1st session is only in 6 days! So be pumped! I can’t wait to see you and get lots and lots of hugs!

Oh, and Sunnyside, you better be ready for an amazing, rockin’ awesome summer.

You are all in our prayers! Hurry up and get here!

We can’t wait either-

Adam and Ann