IMAGE CAPTION – It’s beginning to look a lot like summer!

Great and Gracious Merri-Mac Greetings!

The front porch is covered in boxes…it’s the new clothing arriving for this summer! The tractor drivers say they’re three weeks, which means five weeks, from finishing the new field. The new dock is about 2 weeks from being finished too. It’s beginning to look a lot like summer!

Camper Corner:

We’ve heard from a lot of campers recently, mostly by phone. From those who’ve written we heard from Burkey K. who says, “I am so excited! Two of my friends here at school are coming this year, and my other friend, Andrea and I are wondering what tribe they’re going to be in. Though I already know that if they’re awesome they’re totally in Iroquois. I-R-O-Q-U-O-I-S!” Burkey, that’s a decision for “the spirit of Merri-Mac.” Rachel S. wrote to say, “Hi everyone! I can’t wait for this summer! My big bro’s excited and so is his best friend. They are BOTH coming to Timberlake this year. Can’t wait.” We’ll tell Dan to watch out for them!

The best letter came from Meg M. She wrote an amazing poem about camp. Here it is:

Bug Spray

Like an ant

Only I am the queen

And I order everyone around

My job, as sharpie master

Is to swoop down from my chamber

ALso known as my bed

And initial everything I see

Then I am looking at my list

And at Wal-Mart

I see the last thing I need

Bug spray

Flower scented

Fifteen percent deet

Now I brace myself

Knowing I will feel

As though I’ve been in the car for ten hours

After ony two

With four more

To go


I run and engulf myself

Into the embrace

Of the cool summer

Mountain air

Then, Riding, Swimming, Climbing, Dancing, Singing, Diving, Stomping Laughing

Five weeks long

Until I am alone in the cabin

With my bug spray bottle

Flower scent gone

Deet used


I pray

With my eyes squeezed shut

That it will magically refill

But like fresh cut watermelon

Great and juicy till the last drop

We ate it all up

Faster than planned

And I’m just staring

At that empty bottle


For a little more

From The Staff:

Even better is that the staff is really coming together. Our most recent hires include Hillary G., Celeste E., Elizabeth H., Lauren S., and Sassie N. There was also another staff reunion at UGA last weekend.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Adam and Ann