IMAGE CAPTION – Absolutely Charming!

Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

We’re still in the process of designing the new charms and have had some great ideas. The photos this week show some suggestions all the way from Mexico and Anna Laura N. She writes: “Here are some ideas for charms. I hope you like them. I’m in the tribe I think is the best one and because of that, and many other things, I want to come back to camp. I LOVE camp and hope to see you soon.” Anna Laura, maybe when you come back you will get a charm you designed!

Burkey K. also wrote to say: “Me and my friend Andrea today we’re just talking about Merri-Mac, and we kept on talking and talking about Merri-Mac and soon enough we got so excited about coming back that we just had to look at our pictures together from last year. My sister Marilyn I hope is coming back to be a counselor this year, and I will be so grateful to see her at camp because I don’t see her much because she’s at UGA. I’m so excited! I cant wait!” Finally, Rachel L. wanted to say, “Hey everyone!! I miss and love y’all like crazy! I’ve been very busy with my freshman year. I made the volleyball team and we were district champs. I can’t wait for next year, especially since IROQUOIS IS GOING TO WIN THE BANNER!!!! I miss all my lovely Rainbow ladies from ’06 and I find myself singing ‘Hey Juliet’ and ‘I’m goings to the disco’!! I can’t wait to see everyone at camp next summer!”

From The Staff:

We’ve had a lot of our old MM girls sign back up for next summer…we’ll give you a complete list next week. There was also a reunion of MM staff again this weekend at UGA. Lots of people came and we’ll hope to have a report on that for next week too.

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Great Camping!

Adam and Ann