IMAGE CAPTION – and a Happy New Year!

Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

Christmas is a great time around camp. We place decorations on the sign and all of Black Mountain celebrates together with parades and other events. The best part is seeing our friends around town. This year Summer J., Natalie and Rachael B., Lydia B. Adair B., Mary Page B., Lilli M., Annie Singletary, Nancy Mackey, Jan Bellows and Becky Hart all came out to Black Mountain for the Holly Jolly celebration but the celebration we’re really looking forward to is the one that happens at camp every summer!

It is pretty clear that you are looking forward to camp too. We know Sabrina K. is: “I can’t wait much longer for camp! The good news is that after Christmas break the school year speeds up and in no time, we’re at camp again. High school is going well and Laura S. and I go to the same school which is good! I can’t wait to see all of the Merri-Mac girls next summer! I’m super excited!” Rachel S. also wrote, “I recently went sailing in the Caribbean. I miss camp so much!:) I miss all my Comet girls from ’07. If Noelle O. is reading this, I miss you a ton. See y’all in 08! U ROK MY SOX!” Finally, Anna S. shares, “Hey everyone! I’ve been so busy this past week. We don’t even have our Christmas tree up yet, and we normally do by now. Our choir had our Christmas concert this past Friday, I had a descant! And today we had our choir ministry day where we go around and sing at nursing homes and stuff. I can’t believe Christmas is already almost here! How exciting is that?”

From the Staff:

Maggie Taylor wrote, “Life is a whole new adventure this year! Teaching is awesome! I love teaching my 10th graders…it’s like seeing Sunnysiders all year long! Of course there is and always will be a special place in my heart for my Sunnysiders! I’ve been having camp withdrawals…I miss the mountains and the fresh air! I’m totally psyched it’s the Christmas season:) I love it! We have decorated our apartment a little bit…got the tree up:) I hope you’re having a great Christmas season!” From Ally H. we hear, “I was in Atlanta last week and stayed with Grace R. and saw Becca S. and Vanessa Washburn. It was fantastic!”

It sounds like Christmas is happening everywhere. But don’t forget, soon we’ll be together to celebrate it again at camp!

From This Haven…

Adam and Ann