As the work load gets much heavier at university and England gets even more rainy and cold (even though I promise the sun does come out!), I can’t help but think of my amazing summer with you guys (or should I say y’all) and how much I would give to be back in the mountains of North Carolina!

University is going well. Last year I was at a university in Cambridge, but I’ve transferred to the University of Essex and am absolutely loving it. I can’t believe I’m half way through my whole degree, I’ve only got another year and a half at university! (we only do three years in the UK!) Time really does fly. Hopefully next year after camp I will be doing a semester at UNC, which is extremely cool!

I am SO excited to be coming back to work at camp next summer, I can not wait to see you all again! I really think I am irritating people now as I constantly talk about camp or try to find opportunities to! I have adorned my walls with pictures from camp, it’s reassuring to see all of your smiling faces beaming back at me when I’m feeling down! When people come in my room they always ask me about my pictures and I’m relieved that I get to talk about camp and how amazing it is!

Oh something you might find funny, you may or may not know that in high schools here we don’t have cheerleading or American football, but at university we have a variety of societies and sports, cheerleading and American football being two of them! So, naturally, I joined up to be in the cheerleading team, and made it! Currently we are 1st in the university league and ranked 2nd nationally, so our team is pretty good! It’s hard work but I’m loving it.

Bring on Summer 2008, it’s going to be amazing!

God Bless,