IMAGE CAPTION – A sign of love and friendship and true sincerety.

Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

January is a great time at camp. There has been some snow, the lake has frozen and it won’t be long before the bears start coming through camp at night. They stay away whenever there are campers around!

The big news is that we hired Vanessa, and there are at least two “old school” Merr-Mac girls who I expect to sign up in the next week or two, so stay posted for good news.

From the campers we have word that Mary Page B. saw the Woodson girls at her Bag Pipe Competition in Orlando. Her band also won their competition (both Grade 5 and Grade 4b). Ameilia K. got two hamsters for Christmas and named them…wait for it…Merri and Mac! Rachel S. also wrote to say, “I miss camp like crazy! I just got a letter saying that Lauren Davis AND Stephanie Nestor (Comet ’07!) are coming back this year! I hope I’m lucky enough to have them as counselors. I just found out last weekend that I’m going to Ireland for Spring break! It will be awesome, but not as fun as camp, of course. Nothing could measure up to Merri-Mac! CHOCTAW’S GONNA WIN THE BANNER!”

Hmmm, I think there are two other tribes who might have something to say about that.

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann