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Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

January is a big month at camp. Most of our time is being spent hiring new, and a few returning, staff. Dan is in LA where he has gotten to see lots of MM girls, and a few new campers too. So far he’s been to the Hayden’s, Bush’s and Duhe’s houses. He also went to U of Alabama where he has met some great new counselors.

From the campers we have word from Sabrina K. “I am so completely stoked! Jasmine G. and Shelton C. are coming to see me on the 25-27 of this month! It’s going to be so much fun! And of course, Laura S. is coming too, because she lives 15 minutes away from me! It’s like the camp pre-show! I’m so excited, and in 148 days I will be SUPER happy! I miss you all!” We heard from Emily F. who sent Mary Page her first King Cake! Also Meg M. wrote to say “Hey you guys! I got really camp-sick at school the other day and started singing our crazy songs at lunch! Everyone thought I was crazy. Well, my travel volleyball team just started and it’s going well! I can’t wait till camp (RAINBOW ’08) this year because I’ll hopefully be able to get on the A volleyball team for Seminoles and help us win! I miss you all! See you soon.” Yes, Meg, I know I am especially happy to hear about the Seminoles beating the Iroquois at volleyball!

Staff News

Ann Archer is in Costa Rica where she is taking classes and getting ready to teach Kayaking and lead the CIT’s next summer. Emily Cornelius is doing great and hoping to come back (no promises yet though). Katy Robb also made a visit to camp and Gibbs says hello to everyone. The most recent Merri-Mac girl to sign up is Autumn Breaux, and we’re hoping to have good news from Vanessa Washburn very soon!

We’re getting back on the road very soon…Adam is planning a trip to VA, and maybe parts of NC in February, so we’ll hope to see you when we’re in your neck of the woods.

From This Haven…

Adam and Ann