IMAGE CAPTION – Friends at Merri-Mac!

Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

Merri-Mac is all about our friends and there are a lot of them coming. It would take WAY too long to list our campers so we thought we’d just give you the staff. This is not everyone who will be here but it’s a great start!

So far this year we’ve hired Patti-O, Annie Singletary, Janie Southard and Leslie Loughran, Katy, Vanessa, Stephanie Nestor, Anna Woodson, Ann McShane, Abby Bouchon, Camille Chaumont, Logan Chaney, Alli Howard, Katie Lively, Hamsa Haddad, Anne Archer, Brittany Hogan, Elizabeth Beal, Sara Brennan, Grace Rickenbaker, Charlotte Flynn, Kelli Macqueen, Chelsea Dougherty, Lee Lee Taylor, Lindsay Brasington, Lauren Davis, Berkley Arakawa, Sallie Gurganus, Kay Robb, Haley Fulford, Sam Linhart, Alex Generales, Caitlin Stojcich, Molly Seeley, corbin Aiken, Karen Beauchene, Anna Fearheily, Gibbs, Rachel Holloway, Ruth Gibson, Maddy Perino, Elizabeth Webb, Sarah MacElhinney, Jan Bellows, Ashley Herndon, Eileen Rush, Ali Morgan, Kristen Mintz, Niki Swet, Sarah Rogers, Sara Beckwith, Jordan Winn, Casey Willard, Rachel Quinby, Victoria Rice, Autumn Breaux, Kristin Buckingham, Betsy Perkins, Lennon Dodson, Claire Kelly, Lauren Glazebrook, Mimi Dunn, and a posse of hostesses, nurses, trip staff and the like!

From The Mail Bag

We have heard from Alex H. who wrote to say, “I miss Merri-Mac so much and I can’t wait to come back.” You’re not alone Alex! Also Erin B. wrote to say she has a new baby sister. Erin, tell your mother to let us know if we should go ahead and early enroll her for Tweedle Dee in 2014!

From this Haven…

Adam and Ann