IMAGE CAPTION – Familiar Faces at Merri-Mac!

Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

The other day a new camper, Madison wrote saying, “I am so excited about camp! I have never been to camp – tell me more about camp. I am too excited to wait. I wish it was closer to summer!” The only answer we can give is to say, Madison, there’s really no way to describe all the great things about Merri-Mac. It would be like trying to explain why you like your best friend. You can give some reasons but in the end you would have to meet them. So we can’t wait for our new campers to meet our old campers, and that is going to happen very soon!

You can tell camp is coming soon because your parents just received their camper packets. This means that before long you will begin choosing your activities and getting your health forms filled out. You will also get to order all the new clothes we will have this summer. The two most exciting items may be the return of the flannel pants and… by popular demand…the Merri-Mac Beach Towel.

Yesterday we had something great happen. Ann, Adam, Stephen and Dan all took Katy Robb out to lunch and got her to commit to coming back! Yep, you heard it here. Katy will be back on staff. We’re also still working on Morgan, so now would be a great time to call her. There are a few other great ones that we’d love to hear from so give your favorite staff a call and tell them you want them back this summer (and if you are a counselor deciding whether to come back, now is the time!).

See you at camp!

Adam and Ann