IMAGE CAPTION – We miss you here at Merri-Mac!

Adam is still in Florida and things around camp have been very busy. We’re making plans big plans for our Spring Break staff trip to France (CIT’s included!). Part of the reason we are going is to scout the area for a trip we will take this summer with campers. We’ll give more details soon.

From The Mail Bag

Melissa B. is staring in school production of Julius Caesar. Melissa plays Mark Anthon’s lieutenant (and a plebian in two other scenes). In the photo she has just entered and found Brutus and his cohorts have murdered Caesar. Lucy D. wrote to say, “My sophomore year has been really fun but busy with volleyball! We’ve only lost one game and we will hopefully be at least district champions. I can’t wait for camp this summer and I miss everyone so much! I can’t believe I’m going to be in Sunnyside!! I love and miss you all!” Finally Kelly J. has some fun news. “I’ve got some super exciting news! It was Lee B.’s Sweet Sixteen on October 4th and a few of us flew up to see her! Donovan L., Claire P., Olivia H., and me! I flew up on Friday and the rest of the girls arrived on Saturday. It was a 60’s themed party of 105 people in a ballroom with a great DJ. It reminded the 5 of us of Rockmont, partly because Don, Olivia, Claire and I didn’t know anyone there! As the night went on though we met all of her friends and yes, we Merri-Mac girls were the life of the party! Sad Sunday morning was when everyone (except me) was scheduled to leave–they were all gone before 10am. My flight was supposed to leave at 5:30pm but my flight was delayed and that meant I would miss my connecting flight in D.C so I got to stay another night at Lee’s! I left Monday morning. This is going to be among my top 3 biggest highlights of the 08-09 school year. It was truly heart warming to be reunited with my sisters again and I’m so grateful to God that He has given me such wonderful friends and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I love you Merri-Mac!

Keep us posted on your news.

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