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Good Morning All You Merri-Mac Girls!

We’ve gotten to see a lot of Merri-Mac girls lately. Adam just returned from a fantastic trip to Florida, where he got to see lots of campers, and Mary Page and Ann just returned from Atlanta where they got to spend a couple of days with Amelia, Patti, Allen and Connor K. MP’s bagpipe band was competing in the Stone Mountain games and Amelia and Patti came out to join the fun. Amelia is playing basketball and especially enjoying Spanish in school. We included a picture – doesn’t she look great? It was great to see them. We’ve also started talking to the staff and even hired a few back for next summer. Now is the time for that sort of thing, so if you have any favorite counselors that you really want back, you should email them to tell them to give us a call.

From the Mail Bag:

Sarah S. wrote to say, “Hi everyone! I got to see Amelia W. a few weeks ago at one of her field hockey games. High school is way boring, and I’m so camp sick!” Also, Rachel L. emailed saying, “Well I’ve been really busy with my junior year and volleyball! My team is 2nd in our district which means we get to play in tournament. I just wanted to say that I’ll try and visit and come to the Princess Party because after all I love Merri-Mac and all you guys too much to stay away!” Katie R. also shared, “Last night I went to one of the home shows at Kaitlyn’s house from first session. It was really fun to see the second session girls (Savannah S. and Sofia B.), and I met a lot of first session girls too! It was great to see how many camp people live in Florida so we can hang out and get excited for camp year round.” Finally, from Emily M. we have word, “I have made the school talent show! Out of 95 people, there were only 15 slots, and I made it. I will be singing “Listen” by Beyonce Knowles. I’m so excited!” Congratulations Emily.

Beyond that we are busy meeting new staff and campers. Some of our sessions are already full, and others are filling quickly, so if you have not enrolled ask your parents to call right away.

From This Haven…

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann