IMAGE CAPTION – Merri-Mac is awesome!

We’re as proud as we can be of our Black Mountain Expeditions Director, Ryan Carlson

( who won second place in the Black Mountain Marathon. This is one

of the most difficult marathons in the country, starting near My Father’s Pizza, running past camp,

hitting the trails in Montreat, continuing up to the entrance to Mount Mitchell and returning.

What’s more, this year’s weather was cold and pouring rain, which turned to snow on Mitchell. Today

he and I are scouting new rock for campers at a secret, undisclosed location so we’ll keep you

posted on Ryan’s exploits.

Katy Robb, Sr. really wanted to work at camp this summer, but she also needed an internship in

fashion design. We were not about to let the fact that we’re not fashion designers keep Katy from

camp so we asked her to design our 2009 clothing. The results are fantastic and we’ll be putting

pictures on line at by April 1.

From the Mailbag:

CIT Anne G. wrote to cheer her tribe on saying simply, “Choctaw, get 10’s!”. Emily M. writes,

“Hey Merri-Mac!! I’m so excited for camp! I got the camp packets yesterday, which means camp is on

its way! I can’t wait till camp comes around! L8R Merri-Mac!” Finally, Rachel S. wrote to say, “Hey

guys! I just got my camper packet and I am totally excited because that means that camp is getting

close. I cannot wait to see all of my mmbffs (Merri-Mac Best Friends Forever) and join in a little

bit of friendly tribal competition(meaning Choctaw DOMINATION!). I will see you in 3 months and 8

days! Say hello to Merri and Mac for me!”

From this haven…

Adam and Ann