IMAGE CAPTION – Camp is looking beautiful in the Fall.

It has been a busy week around camp and the best part was an unexpected visit from Hailey Fulford, Sarah Hord and Carlin Conner. Sarah and Hailey both learned their rolls in the lake and celebrated with a trip to the J. Crew outlet. Hmmm. We are also gearing up to begin calling staff. We had a lot of great girls we want back so you should drop them a note if you think to.

Speaking of dropping notes, we sent out information about how to download camp directories. Let us know if you have any trouble accessing these online.

The new Merri-Mac Facebook page has been a huge success. We already have 356 fans, and we’re just getting started. If you have not heard about it you should know that this is the place we will be making camp announcements. We will also be posting a devotion each week.

From the Mailbag

Meg M. wrote to say, “I’m already ready for camp to start again! I miss it with all my heart. I can’t believe next year I’m going to be in Sunnyside! Well anyways, my life has been boring without all my Merri-Mac girls to spice up my life. I miss everyone tons!” Daniella C. chimes in from down south, “I just wanted to say that camp was one of the most amazing experiences in my life! Best two weeks ever! It was my dream since I was a little girl to go to a camp like this, and it was just all I expected and wanted and much more! It’s all something I can’t explain. It was amazing, how you can feel God clearly, the fun, the activities, the spirit, lovely and awesome girls, amazing counselors, directors, food and calories like a million and so much more. I’m so happy and thankful to God and my parents that I got to Merri-Mac! I will never forget it! I’m already at school and all I can think about is EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH CAMP! I’ve been telling many camp stories, singing of course, and my classmates and getting cray-cray about it, but I just can’t stop! I MISS CAMP AND EVERYBODY SO MUCH….YOU WERE ALL SO AMAZING WITH ME….THANKS Y’ALL….I LOVE YOU! God bless you all. Hope you have an amazing school year!” Finally, Hannah shares, “What is new in my life is not waking up being surrounded my bffs. I miss Tweedle Dum a lot and I am already counting down till camp next year. I have decided to come to Merri-Mac for 5 weeks I am so excited.”

Well, we’re getting excited on our end too.

From This Haven…

Adam and Ann