IMAGE CAPTION – We’re already gearing up for next summer!

Yesterday was a great day at camp. We got to hire our first CIT’s. Lucy D., Leigh M., Brie D., and Kaitlyn R. are the first on the roster. Hiring staff is always fun because it reminds us that next summer is really coming. It has also been a fun week because we’re hearing from more and more campers on Merri-Mac’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Finally, the newest camp construction project is also underway. Does anyone know what it is?

From the Mailbag

Hannah showed her love of all tribes saying, “Good job Choctaw for winning the banner. I still wish that Seminoles had won but maybe we can win next year. I am so excited because next year I get to go to camp for 5 weeks and I am only going in Stardust. I just can’t wait until camp next year.” Daniella C. writes, “I miss waking up every morning with my sunspot girls and Jess and Lauren in my bed waking me up and saying good morning to me, so precious. I wish I could be at camp all year long!” Finally, from another SS girl, Jessy M. we hear, “I thought I would drop you a note from across the rather large pond, so here you go: I am back at school now, and I am having a great time. I seem to have an awful lot of work though. I would like to say a huge thank you, to everyone I met at camp this summer, especially all my sunny-girls! Camp is literally the best place in the world, and I can’t believe how lucky I was to share it with you all. What a massive impact it has had on my life, it was truly a summer never to forget; what a huge leap forward you all helped me with in my faith! I have never met such a kind and loving bunch of girls, Merri-Mac through and through! I miss you all and think about you every single day, and I will always love you…until I go cray-cray !”

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