IMAGE CAPTION – Merri-Mac is looking nice in the Fall.

It has been quite a week. We’ve hired lots of CIT’s and a few JC’s. You can go to the Merri-Mac Facebook page for a full accounting. We’ve also been busy with a new expansion to our beloved Tucker Inn. Don’t worry, it will just give us a little more room to move around while we eat and sing!

We’ve also begun taking applications for our Mother/Daughter weekend in May. We are hoping that this will be a good chance for a pre-camp reunion. We’d love to have you join us so check it out!

Adam is on the road, seeing camp families in Georgia and Florida. Last night he saw Kate S. in Tampa, and before that it was Laura and Julia K. in Ocala and Elizabeth W. in Valdosta. Tonight it is the Bogdhans in Winterhaven and then down to St. Pete to see the Frees. It has been a great trip so far and we are looking forward to having a lot of their friends join us.

How Well Do YOU Know Merr-Mac?

We’ve created the first Merri-Mac Trivia Quiz! If you score above a 93% on the quiz, take a screenshot of your score and send it to [email protected], and she’ll send you a great prize! (You must be a camper to win the prize, but we encourage everybody to test their knowledge!)

Seven new Merri-Mac hires!

We are happy to announce that we’ve hired back seven Merri-Mac girls: Clare S., Abby G., Christina H., Kate M., Melinda R., Olivia H., and Haley F.!! Congratulations, girls.

From The Mail Bag:

Nurse Paige and Andie K. joined us in Valdosta but before that they wrote saying, “We are settling into school life, but Merri-Mac and Timberlake are never far from our hearts. The kids regularly talk about how much fun they had and they have pumped up their little brother and sister to come next summer! And then fun doesn’t stop with the kids…..this big kid loved being a camp nurse and considers her two weeks at camp the highlight of the summer! Missing those beautiful mountains and more beautiful people!” Sarah L. wrote to say “I miss all the camp ladies tremendously! I was so privileged to be the Seminole Med Man and I’m so happy that we were able to win the banner. I miss all of my friends and hopefully will see all of y’all next year!” From Hannah we hear a hearty “Congratulations to the new cits. I just wish I could live at Merri-Mac all year long. I miss my tribe as normal and I miss my friends. It stinks because I have to wait almost one more year till I get to go back.” Next Kathy G. wrote to say, “I already can’t wait to come back next year! I started the second grade and began competing in my first gymnastics meets. I will be traveling across my state (Alabama) as I compete. So far, I have come in third in all-around in my division! I have also been writing my new friends from Merri-Mac. I am looking into attending the Mother/Daughter weekend at camp. I hope to see my friends there!”

Great Camping!

Adam and Ann