The bugle blared bright and early this Friday morning as a new day began at Camp Merri-Mac. Yesterday the sun set with fencing bars, White Feather, and the legendary Merri-Mac talent show. Jiselle H, Victoria B, Sophia E, Virginia C, Samantha F, Taylor T, Elizabeth I, Eleanor B, Kate H, Mattie C, and Isabel E. all earned their bronze bars in fencing just before dinner. And the day couldn’t have ended more perfectly than the Merri-Mac girls showcasing their talents in music, drama, and dancing. Comet, Sunnyside, and the staff all performed skits, while Nicki G. recited a monologue and Emma R. mimed. Cheerleading also performed a routine. Lainey G., Natalie, Rachel D., Isabel E., Stewart Ann M., Ana R., Chloe R., Cece B., Adair C., Arianna J., Emily M., and Katherine G. captivated the audience with their voices as each sang amazing covers to various songs. All in all, the talent show was a huge success; Merri-Mac definitely has star potential.

But this morning, the campers readily woke in anticipation of Farmer Friday and Tribefest. Girls pulled on cowboy boots and flannel shirts over their tribe jerseys and raced down to the dining hall to dig into some coffee cake and baked oatmeal. Then they headed to the chapel and learned about the character of Jesus as counselor Annie-Grace Shaffer taught from the first chapter of Ephesians. Finally, the word was given – change into your bathing suits and get ready for Swim Fest! Decked out in tribal gear, the campers filed down to the lake behind a golf cart decorated with Seminole, Choctaw, and Iroquois colors to cheer on their swim competitors.

In the junior category, Isabel O., Mary Ellison, Ellie J., Lexy S., Sophia E. and Virginia C. competed in backstroke; Mary Ellison, Katherine F., Lexy S., Ellie J., Grace A. and Stewart Ann swam breast stroke; Isabel O., Katherine F., Elizabeth I., Laura S., Grace, and Virginia swam freestyle; and Mary Ellison, Katherine F., Isabel O., Michelle W., Ellie J., Lara S., Taylor T., Stewart Ann, Eleanor, Vicki, and Virginia represented their tribes in the junior life-vest relay.

In the intermediate category, Olivia K., Alina, Kate H., Sarah English, Sophia B., and Emily H. swam butterfly; Olivia K., Victoria, Ashlynn K., Juliana R., Ansley B., and Shay A. competed in backstroke; Alina, Addison, Morgan P., Sarah English, Emily H., and Addie swam breaststroke; andAlina, Olivia K., Holland, Addison, Ashlynn K., Kate H., Juliana R., Morgan P., Grace P., Sophia B., Yaara, and Caroline L. all represented their tribes in the medley relay.

In the senior category, Sarah Beth, Nicki G., Ellie T., Cassidy H., Caroline C., and Caroline A. competed for the butterfly; Sarah Beth, Laura, Cassidy H., Katie S., Bailey A. and Bianca P. swam backstroke; Arianna, Isabel, Abbie T., Ellie T., Caroline A. and Audrey A. swam breast stroke; Catherine, Madison, Mary Helen P., Sarah Kate P., Caroline C., and Bailey A.competed in freestyle; and Laura, Sarah Beth, Arianna, Catherine, Cassidy H., Ellie T., Abbie T., Sarah Kate P., Bailey A., Caroline C., Caroline A., and Bianca P. Represented their tribes in the medley relay.
After the intense competition of Swim Fest, the girls put aside their differences, linked arms and headed to lunch with their cabins. At the end of lunch, the results were in – Iroquois won Swim Fest and Choctaw won Spirit Points!

The afternoon saw an hour of rest time and free time until 4:30 pm, when tribes met again to plan and hold try outs for Field Day. Only time can tell to see which tribe will prevail to win Field Day…

Until then, Merri-Mac family, sleep well and wait for the rooster to crow (or the bugle to blare) once more tomorrow morning!

Hilary Sayre


July 8, 2011