Just another glorious day here at Camp Merri-Mac! We have had a lot of excitement these past few days and it has culminated to a wonderful day of rest! Girls have been yelling for their tribes, getting primped for the infamous Rockmont dance, and diving into the Word. It’s been an all around fantastic time at camp.

At lunch yesterday, the girls received a coveted invitation from the boys at Camp Rockmont and after the news was delivered the girls were sprinting up Senior Hill to get ready. By dinner, the body mists had cleared and there were just murmurs of anticipation. “We had been waiting since the Fourth to be able to go,” said Sunny Sider,  Sammy G, “it really is a great time to be able to hang out with both Hollymont and Rockmont.” The girls were invited by the gentlemen of Rockmont, to attend a dance and watch fireworks. It is a great opportunity for the girls to get out the hair-straighters and out of the normal camp attire. Caroline C, said “It was so much fun! The fireworks were great and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get dressed up and hang out with all my friends!”

The Tweedles didn’t attend Rockmont, but the had plenty of their own fun! All three Tweedle cabins invited some of the other staff at camp to “Sockmont,” which is a way more fun, super exciting dance party that comes with ice cream and sweet tunes! One Tweedle Dum camper, Elizabeth I. said “I loved dancing and eating ice cream! I also was glad we had fireworks and didn’t have to go and dance with boys!” Not only was there dancing and ice cream, but Tweedles got to stay up one hour later to watch fireworks at camp. It was such a great time to just get our groove on and love camp!

Luckily for all the campers and for many of the counselors today is Sunday, and that means that we get tons of opportunities to relax and sleep. Rest hour is a full hour and there is a bunch of free time to kick back, take a nap, or catch up on activities.

Sundays are also special because it gives campers the ability to make chapel their own, and that’s just what Rainbow did this morning. Chapel focused on how God makes us all uniquely and especially beautiful.  The girls wore shirts that had various insecurities on them and as chapel progressed the insecurities were removed to show that we are all beautiful. It was an amazing thing to witness. Liz K. talked about how the scripture really spoke to her; she said that one of the main things that she took away from the message was “When your mind is on Christ, it completely affects your actions.”

That idea really got applied today when we had free swim. Ansley B. told me she was nervous to get in the water because it was so cold, but “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13.” It is absolutely amazing to see God working through all the campers. It really shows so much, and it happens in different ways. You never know what He is going to use. Grace H. said “It was so awesome to see Elizabeth C. play in chapel, and it was even better to witness her getting her gold bar.” Elizabeth was able to earn her gold bar by performing with her cabin today. He is on the move is so many great ways!

We had many special birthdays and trips today. Emerson E. and Addie H. celebrated their birthdays today along with Merri-Mac camp directorAdam Boyd. Big Dipper also got to go on a trip to the Boyd’s house to make cupcakes and spend some time in fellowship together.

We are so excited for the rest of the week, and I am personally getting a little sad that it is coming to a close so quickly. It has been such a great day at camp. Sundays allow for a recharge, and for camp to take on completely new meaning to many of the staff and campers. I just love Sundays at camp, you can’t get a better day; food, fellowship, and sleep. Until tomorrow!


Annie-Grace Shaffer

Tweedle Dum