This beautiful day in July marked both an end and a new beginning. It was the last day of session 1B. The Merri-Mac girls came down to enjoy a big breakfast and then they joined hands to sing the Friendship Circle songs on the Back Green. It was a sweet and loving way to say, “See you later.” Then classes resumed as usual!

In horseback riding today Cade, Mary and Carnie M. cantered around and around in the arena. Carnie has come a long way in such a short period of time, working on her leg position and proper control of the horse at a walk, trot and canter. Cade had a huge smile on her face since she was riding her favorite pony, Bella. Mary rode a big chestnut mare named Addie and made her trot around the arena with ease. In canoeing, Virginia, Madeline M. and Catherine M. practiced controlling each canoe by themselves. Then they joined Sara Kate P., Olivia B., Gia W. and Mary Helen P. to blob! They flew into the air over Lake Doris. Mary Helen P. and Catherine M. blobbed over and over again! They couldn’t get enough! Over at the Traverse Wall, Kate S. climbed across the wall like Spiderman with the help of her spotters Eiley M. and Honor W. The beautiful music from the Chorus class was drifting through the air as Delaney L., Stephanie C., Emily M., Laura M., Leah F., Ellie B., Christina C., Kate S., Logan R. and Grace E. practiced their singing in the Chapel.

Down at team sports Jessica T., from Little Dipper, and her team faced off against Kristy G.’s team in a great game of volleyball! The final score, kept by “the best score keeper ever” Audrey H., was 19-18! Right next to this fun game was an intense game of tetherball between Blue Heaven’s Kristen D. and Moonmist’s Reily B.. They each held their own and after fifteen minutes they called it a truce. Apparently they were very evenly matched! Back down at the Riding Arena Emma G. was working on her jumping with a black and white pony named Kody. Sarah K. was learning how to calm her seat in order to slow the striding of the horse she was riding, Dixie. Olivia J., Jessica T.and Hannah G. were also working on controlling their horses over jumps. Over at Lake Doris in the swimming class Caroline O. was swimming laps in order to improve her speed. Up on Senior Hill, the guitar class was strumming away. Ariana J. was working on getting her bronze bar. She is nearly there! Katy S. was learning to play Adele’s Turning Tables and Ingrid Michaelson’s The Chain. Bailey A. and Emily R. were also there both practicing their awesome strumming skills! Just around the corner from them the archery class was in full swing. Mya S., Sydney A. and Madeline M. were working on their aim. Kristy G. and Audrey H. were practicing in order to get their bronze bars and Emily M. was also working hard to earn her silver bar in archery. They are all really, really close to achieving their goals!

Next came lunch during which all the Merri-Mac girls enjoyed chicken nuggets and french fries! Ellie M. said the french fries were “extremely delicious and perfectly crispy”. After lunch the girls were all surprised when they found out that third and fourth period were cancelled. Instead Merri-Mac was going to enjoy an afternoon of Free Swim in Lake Doris!! The girls loved diving into the water on such a hot day. Lots of them did the blob for the first time or for the twentieth time! It was a wonderful, cool way to have awesome fellowship together. The waterfront was full of laughter and an all around good time! The fun didn’t stop there. Tonight’s evening activity was one of the girls’ favorites- Battle Ball! Everyone joined in for a night of fun and great sportsmanship!

July 1st was a unique day since it was the end of a session. Due to all of the incredible girls we have staying with us and our awesome staff the somber goodbyes were followed up with joy and excitement for the girls arriving tomorrow! We cherished the time spent with the amazing 1B girls. It was an incredible session, but we are so pumped about meeting new friends and seeing old friends as well tomorrow! Session 1C- Get ready! It’s going to be AWESOME!!

Hannah Priewski
Riding Instructor
Moonmist Counselor
Proud Choctaw!!